Mechanical Engineering

Ascent has a highly qualified Mechanical Engineering team who are able to create anything from a simple project to something as complex as designing a gas facility. Our mechanical engineers are able to review specifications and other data to develop mechanical layouts. We have the knowledge of mechanical parts as well as computer-aided design (CAD) software, such as AutoCAD.


At Ascent Consulting and Engineering we have the ability to develop a brand new product to meet your schedule and budget. Our team can also assist in helping you revise or update an existing design. The depth and scope of our capabilities go beyond traditional providers our experience and resources allow us to assist your in the following areas: 

  • Conduct research into the feasibility, design
  • Operation and performance of mechanisms, components and systems
  • Planning and managing projects cost and timing estimates and reports
  • Planning and managing design specifications for machinery and systems
  • Analyzing piping systems
  • Developing maintenance standards, schedules and programs
  • Providing guidance to industrial maintenance crews
  • Investigating mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems
  • Selecting materials for product specifications


Ascent takes the time to begin each project by getting to know each individual as well as understanding the new project and/or mechanical system. We meet with each project manager, the engineers and clients to understand all of the needs and requirements.  When meeting with project managers, engineers, and clients we can help insure that each detail is met as well as insuring your product is on time and on budget.  Once materials and specifications have been determined, designers begin using CAD software to plan and develop models. This may include testing and modifying models under different conditions, such as temperature or humidity.  Our firm provides dedication to completing successful projects, we are focused in developing solutions that are good for the inquiring parties as well as the communities that they serve. 


Ascent works closely with oil and gas companies, construction companies, telecommunication firms, construction companies and more. Whether you are designing or planning a project our team of consultants and engineers will be prepared in every situation.  We serve entities in West Virginia. If you are in need of high quality service give our knowledgeable team a call.