Our Team

Mike Nestor

Managing Member/Professional Engineer

Mr. Nestor graduated from Fairmont State with his B.S. in Engineering Technology. Mike is a Civil Engineer registered professionally in WV and serves as the Managing Member of Ascent Consulting and Engineering. He has over 15 years of consulting experience focusing on land development projects and stormwater management in WV, MD, and PA. His expertise allows him to guide projects from concept to completion by understanding the goals/vision of the project, effectively communicating with the project team, and paying careful attention to the details. 

Mr. Nestor takes the lead on solving technical or rational problems on engineering projects, such as cost estimation and adjustments, forecasting, quality assurance or scheduling. He handles daily management of staff as well as business development. Mike takes pride in building relationships with the community and in keeping the trust of those he works with. He believes that everyone can be more successful when they work side by side giving the guidance and trust they deserve.
To contact my please email him at:mike@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Zach Assaro

Member/Project Manager

Zach Assaro graduated from Fairmont State University with B.S. in Civil Engineering and Technology.  He has over 8 years of consulting experience focusing on land development projects and stormwater management in West Virginia. His expertise allows him to guide projects from concept to completion by understanding the goals/vision of the project, effectively communicating with the project team, and paying careful attention to the details. 

Mr. Assaro handles the daily management of Ascent as well as the business development. He continues to grow relationships with our clients, while managing our team making sure that each individual is staying on task and meeting the expectations of our clients and projects. 

To contact Zach please email him at:zach@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Eric Short

Senior Project Engineer

Eric graduated from Fairmont State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, and a  A.S. Architectural Engineering Technology, 2003 – Fairmont State University. Mr. Short is a site/civil Project Engineer at Ascent with 15 years experience working on a variety of projects which include commercial, residential, and industrial development, as well as downtown streetscapes and oil and gas sites.   His tasks involve the design and development of Demolition, Erosion and Sediment Control, Site, Grading, and Utility Plans along with creating details for site specific elements.  Eric is also an experienced highway designer with a background in the preparation of roadway construction, right-of-way, sign, and pavement marking plans. Other responsibilities include traffic studies, storm water and sanitary sewer design, and cost estimation.”

His expertise lies in commercial, residential, oil and gas site development projects.  Mr. Short is responsible for the design and permitting for Natural Gas Development facilities such as: Well pads, compression and M & R facilities located in the Marcellus Shale region. As well as prepare construction and permitting documents; develop grading plans from preliminary to detailed final design, cost estimates and bid specifications; and provide construction oversight, helping to insure a safe, cost-effective and timely completion of all projects to meet or exceed client expectations.

If you would like to contact Mr. Short please email him at:

Andy Kincell

Field Service Manager

Andy Kincell graduated from Fairmont State University where he studied Civil Technology. Andy joined Ascent in 2019 where he brings a variety of experience to our team. Mr. Kincell’s expertise lies in field services and materials testing. His task include matters associated with cost, proposals, and bids. He  is also no stranger to handle design, interpret blueprints, schematics and construction plans.

Mr. Kincell also has the responsibility of testing and inspection of materials utilized at the construction site, as well as managing his employees and the laboratories he oversees. Andy has independently conducted a number of building inspections and ensured that the proper maintenance actions were taken.  Mr. Kincell has many certification such as ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1, WVDOH Aggregate Technician, WVDOH Asphalt Technician, WVDOH Compaction Technician, WVDOH Asphalt Inspector, WVDOH Concrete Inspector, WVDOH Concrete Technician as well as PTI Certified Level 1 Unbounded PT and more. Andy is always able to meet the needs of our clients and his team with his experience and great communication skills.

If you would like to contact Mr. Kincell please email him at: andy@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Jeffrey Knepper

Senior Environmental Manager

Jeff Knepper graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in B.S. in Geology.

Mr. Knepper has 20 years of experience working on complex environmental and regulatory projects specializing in environmental/regulatory compliance, remediation, permitting, and aboveground storage Tank (AST) services. He is adept at developing practical and innovative solutions to challenging environmental issues often faced by oil and gas and other industrial clients. His track record in regulatory compliance, permitting, soil and groundwater remediation, and environmental impacts make him a key team member on projects. Mr. Knepper is a certified professional geologist and a WV licensed remediation specialist. Mr. Knepper is an experienced AST inspector with over 1,000 completed inspections in various states including: WV, PA, OH, KY, WI, MI, VA and NY.

Mr. Knepper has over 10 years of experience working with underground injection control projects.  He was the state-wide Environmental Resources Program Manager for WV handling all permitting and compliance approvals for mining facilities working closely with various mining companies including: Wolf Run Mining, Greenbrier Minerals, Independence Coal, Brooks Run Mining, Mid-Vol Coal Sales, Pinnacle Mining, ICG-Beckley, LLC and many more.  Mr. Knepper has also provided this knowledge to the consulting realm as an alternative to existing permits or lack of efficiency in current treatment options.

If you would like to contact Mr. Knepper please email him at: jeffk@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Jeffrey Todd

Senior Environmental Scientist

Jeffery Todd a graduate from Marshall University with a Masters of Science, Environmental Science, and West Virginia University with a Bachelors of Science, Wildlife and Fisheries Resources serves as Ascent Consulting and Engineering, LLC. senior environmental scientist, who performs both field and office related activities.  Mr. Todd meets the definition of an environmental professional and has over 14 years of experience in the consulting field, as an environmental scientist and project manager.  

Mr. Todd has experience in multiple environmental areas, including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), aquatic resource surveys and permitting, endangered species consultations, asbestos inspection, operating permit compliance, and general environmental consulting.  Mr. Todd has performed work at various sites on public, private, and government properties, with different levels of complexity.  In addition, Mr. Todd also provides assistance to clients with the preparation and review of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC), Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPP), and Groundwater Protection (GP) plans.

If you would like to contact Mr. Todd please email him: jeff@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Bill Veigel

Mechanical Engineering Division Manager

Bill Veigel attended Marietta College where he earned his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. Mr. Veigel leads the ACE Mechanical Engineering Division with his experience in engineering design, operations, construction of pipeline, compression, M&R and production facilities. Mr. Veigel also has experience with redesign and construction of compressor stations, dehy improvements, modifying production facility design to reduce space, increase installation efficiency, manage costs and maintain safety and integrity. Mr. Veigel has created standard procedures for production operations, facility installation, pigging operations and job specific procedures as needed. Mr. Veigel is a great asset to the ACE team with his knowledge and experience.

If you would like to contact Mr. Veigel please email him at: bill@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Chris Kocher

Project Engineer

Chris Kocher, a West Virginia native is a graduate of Fairmont State College with a degree in Applied Science. Mr. Kocher is an excellent leader with team oriented projects and problem solving skills. Mr. Kocher has over 20 years of knowledge and experience with Autocad, producing and implementing designs as well as test procedures. Mr. Kocher is able to design the perfect project for our clientele whether is be small or very complex.  He is no stranger to helping with plot plans, detailed piping plans, structural steel, concrete plans, electrical plans and schematics to support the engineering departments.   Mr. Kocher uses his knowledge and design techniques to ensure that each project functions safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost. 

If you would like to contact Mr. Kocher please email him at: chris@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Devon Shrewsbury

Project Engineer

Devon Shrewsbury graduated from West Virginia University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Mrs. Shrewsbury is a highly skilled project engineer with the responsibility of leading team design. Her knowledge of civil engineering, project development and AutoCad helps ensure that projects are on time and on budget.

Mrs. Shrewsbury’s expertise lies in engineering plan production, stormwater management design, environmental protection permitting, technical reports, and more.  Her ability to prepare and design multiple aspects of a project as well as her great communication with our clients and team allows Devon to meet the needs of everyone involved.

If you would like to email Mrs. Shrewsbury please contact her at: devon@ascentdconsultingengineers.com

Keith Axton

Project Engineer

Keith Axton attended West Virginia University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and currently works as a Project Engineer at Ascent Consulting and Engineering. Mr. Axton is a highly effective member of our team with experience in , AutoCAD Civil 3D Design, Road and Lot Grading, Construction Plans and Profile, Residential Site Layout, Storm Sewer Design & Storm Impact Analysis Report, Hydraulic Modeling, Drainage Analysis, knowledgeable with HCSS heavy bid estimating and more. Mr. Axton very active in the community as well as organizations such as American Society of Civil Engineers.

Mr. Axton is very dedicated to his profession and the projects he is working on. Mr. Axton always ensures that your project is his priority.

If you would like to email Mr. Axton please contact him at: keith@ascentconsultingengineers.om

Rezin Spears

CAD Technician

Rezin Spears attended Fairmont State University and currently works as a CAD Technician at Ascent Consulting and Engineering. Mr. Spears is responsible for running Auto Cadd, fixing redlines, meeting deadlines, working with others on plan sets, and reading blue prints.  Rezin is responsible for designs which help determine cost, maintenance, and completion so whether your project is simple or complex the customer will always remain on budget and on schedule. Mr. Spears works side by side with his team as well as with our customer from beginning to end helping to meet deadlines and that your design perfect. 

If you would like to contact Mr. Spears please email him at: rezin@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Zach Kelley

Materials Lab Manager

Mr. Kelley’s responsibilities are to inspect the construction being done on a project to make sure the contractor is giving the client a quality product. Zach is also responsible for the onboarding process of new employees in constructions services by making sure new employees are trained in the field as well as trained in daily reporting, and company policies.

Zach’s inspections range from the testing of soils, aggregates, and concrete to rebar and structural inspections. At the end of each shift, a detailed daily report is written documenting his inspections, progress of the job and any important information pertaining to the work being done for the client.

 Zach not only has experience in managing a lab but also has experience in building O&G pipelines, well pads, compressor stations, waterlines (City/municipal upgrades) and wastewater treatment plants. In his roles he has also worked with I&I (Inflow and Infiltration) team on the inspection of storm and sanitary sewer piping, drop inlets manholes, etc. Zach is certified in WV DOH Materials Certifications: Soil and Aggregate Compaction Tech, Asphalt Field Compaction Tech, Asphalt Plant Tech, PCC Inspector with ACI Training, PCC Technician, Aggregate Sampler. WV TRET LVL II.  Industry: OQ401 Certified HDPE fusion inspector, OSHA 10, SafeLand, ACI Concrete Field Testing Tech Grade 1, Occupational ATV Safety Training, CPR, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Radiation Safety/DOT Hazmat, Certified Collision Repair Technician.

If you would like to contact Zach please email him at: zachk@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Salvatore Angerame

Lead Environmental Inspector and Compliance

Salvatore Angerame works for Ascent helping lead the Environmental Inspection and Compliance team. Mr. Angerame is certified and trained in Advanced Fusion, Radiological Testing (RT) Level I, Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level I/II ,Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Level I/II, PE Plastic Fusion Joining and more.

 Mr. Angerame joined Ascent Consulting and Engineering with the understanding of Poly-Waterline Inspection/ Maintenance & Operations, Gauge readings for pressure testing, Air relief valve checks, Ball Valve replacement, Opening/Closing of Mainline Valve for water Transfer, assist in replacing mainline valves and risers. As well as Environmental Inspection, Post construction inspections, Project Map comprehension/ identification, Report/ Documentation building through various app based programs or email w/ pics and writing from the inspected area, Knowledge of the “Code of Federal Regulations” resulting in understanding the importance of these inspections, Understanding of Erosion/ Sediment control installation and removal.

Mr. Angerame is a qualified leader and has been working in the field alongside of others successfully for the past 6 years. Salvatore is a great asset to our team and to our clientele.

If you would like to contact Mr. Angerame please email him at: sal@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Triston Kocher


Triston is familiar with various types of equipment and programs such as Auto CAD, gas compressors, turbo expanders and vessels. He is certified in ACI Concrete Field Testing Tech Grade 1 and has a degree from Pierpont Community and Technical College studying Petroleum Technology.

Mr. Kocher is experienced in performing and assisting in repair of main line leaks on both high and low-pressure lines, repaired and installed diaphragm meters. Mr. Kocher has experience in corrosion orders such as installing anodes on mainlines or installing insulated fittings. Mr. Kocher has assisted with spill containment installation and clean-ups, as well as inspected during excavation around live lines. He joined the Ascent Consulting and Engineering team with the understanding and knowledge of construction inspections and concrete testing. Mr. Kocher is a dedicated inspector and he works hard to keep our clients on time and on budget.  

Mr. Kocher is very detailed in his work and is a great asset to Ascent Consulting and Engineering.

If you would like to contact Mr. Kocher please email him at: triston@ascentconsultingengineers.com

Terrence Hill


Terence Hill currently works at Ascent Consulting and Engineering in our field service department. Terrence is highly skilled and trained in Environmental Pipeline Inspection, Construction monitoring as well as post construction monitoring. Mr. Hill’s experience also includes monitoring of timber cut operations, BMP setup and removal, and more.

Mr. Hill leads his team by working with tasks to complete the management department and is a great asset to any project he works on.

If you would like to contact Mr. Hill please email him at: terrence@ascentconsultingengineers.com